Emptying the Mind for New Insights

There is a Zen story of a professor who goes to see a monk. The monk welcomes him, and the professor explains that he has come seeking wisdom from the monk. With that, the professor begins to talk endlessly about his knowledge and what he has done in the world. Finally the monk asks the professor if he would like some tea. The professor nods yes, continuing to speak about his accomplishments. The monk sets a cup in front of the professor and begins to pour. He continues pouring the tea until the cup is overflowing, and the tea is spilling over on the floor. The astonished professor jumps up. “What are you doing?” “This cup,” the monk replies, “is very much like your mind. It doesn’t hav

How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?

How well are you hanging in with those new year’s resolutions? Have you established your practice, practice, practice? Think about it. When and how have you carried out a new year’s resolution? It’s easy enough to identify a wish and declare it. Whether your intention is to lose weight, exercise more, eat better, or collaborate to influence social change, the key is to embody the vision in three domains of your being: 1)HEAD 2)HEART, and 3)BODY “HEAD” is to declare the intention. In this domain your dream is an intellectual occupation. Your brain is forming a picture of the change you want. Logic is at work, as you piece together in your mind how you will get there, by when, and with whom.


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