Walking the Talk of Our Strategic Plan

Strategic plan development represents a major challenge for many nonprofits. Even in the wake of the best strategic planning processes—where a beautiful plan is produced that appears to place future ideals within grasp—executing the plan can be daunting. Too many promising plans gather dust on the shelf. The stories clients tell us fall into a pattern. Some organizations lack structure. Others lack momentum needed to interrupt the rush of urgent daily priorities that take precedence. SEED is frequently approached by organizations whose strategic plans have been produced by outside consultants. We have seen thoughtful plans that represent tremendous heart and commitment, exceeding 100 pages

Listening For What is Trying to Happen

Some say open networks are the “biggest predictor of career success.” Open networks are especially productive when there is an intentional practice to achieve creative dialogue. Dialogue is akin to planting seeds in fertile soil, as opposed to scattering thoughts in the wind of typical conversation. There is limited value in networking-building until we learn to use inquiry to elicit and honor differing viewpoints. Inquiry is an art and a crucial entry point to developing higher performance, within and across organizations. Inquiry jumpstarts listening. When we inquire, then listen, we’re not thinking what to say next. We’re open and curious, attuned to the speaker. We respond with questio


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