Putting the Coach in the Cloud for Organizations to Soar

Why do you work so hard? For many in the nonprofit sector, the answer is easy—we are deeply inspired by our clients and mission. SEED exists to make it easier for nonprofit, coalition and congregation leaders to succeed. We want to see them soar and fully realize their big dreams for a better world. Through decades of experience launching, leading, evaluating and coaching nonprofit initiatives of all sizes and missions, our team at SEED has learned this: All most organizations really need (and appreciate) is a touchpoint of skillful strategic coaching to do better what they already do best. Working closely over the past 14 years with more than 200 organizations in a hands-on, strategic coac

The Right Tool for the Right Job

There really aren’t many tools out there to help you bring strategic plans to life, much less to streamline operations and communicate progress across and beyond organizations. At SEED, we have seen that our clients are looking for a few simple things. First, nonprofit leaders want to be pro-active and feel in charge. They want to lead a plan rather than have a plan lead them. They want to feel less like they are jumping through hoops and more like they are setting the agenda. Amidst the quest to juggle priorities set by multiple funding sources, nonprofit leaders want to be less reactive. They are looking for tools that not only track information, but prompt users to vision and act. Second,


Building the performance of nonprofit organizations to lead, evaluate and scale social impact. 


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