Are We Facing Our Fears?

The 2016 United States presidential elections revealed that many Americans are afraid of government, afraid of particular leaders, afraid of unknown “others,” afraid of change and afraid of not changing. A mood of unexamined fear seems to hang over our nation like a thick fog. In the dark as we are, we forget the value of what is unseen. And in fear of the unknown, or fearing loss of what we have, human beings have a habit of leading with oppositional rhetoric (or unleashing outright bigotry). What is it that we are afraid of losing? And what are we for? SEED’s November Tip of the Month offered guidance to identify your Strategic Who: “The smallest, most diverse possible group who, if as

Have You Identified Your "Strategic Who?"

Years ago I was blessed by a three-year fellowship to explore approaches to social transformation in different parts of the world. For example, in South Africa I was exposed to people who had been on different sides of Apartheid, at a time when young, ANC street revolutionaries, recently victorious, were positioned to create new systems and scrambling to figure out governance. In Belfast, Northern Ireland, I stayed in the homes of both Protestants and Catholics and tried to fathom the painful trauma that made people shift every conversation -- even the most mindless chatter about weather -- back to the topic of “The Troubles.” From the hope to hopelessness of my glimpse into both moments i


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