Are We Listening for What Is Trying to Happen?

Most working professionals spend more than half their time in meetings. Feel the pain? Me, too! Whether by phone, live, or internet, I am in meetings most all day. Then after work, guess what, more meetings! So much of life happens in meetings of one kind or another, and most of them take too long, accomplish too little, and are generally somewhat of a drag to endure. Especially when the outcomes matter. The more I care about the people and the content, the harder it is to endure bad meetings. How about you? Early in my career, I realized that I needed my meetings to be significantly transformed. So I began paying attention and trying to figure out how to lead more effectively. I learned

Designing Your Own Website, Without A Designer

You may feel intimidated to create your own website, because it seems like so much work. Remember this: how you look at the challenge before you is everything. To get started with ease, your first step is planning. What is the purpose of your site? What content do you want to display? Who is your audience? What actions do you want your audience to take? With today’s endless supply of pre-designed templates and technologies, it is important to start with what YOU want. Make a list of your must-have features, and then list the additional effects you might like to see that you have experienced on other sites. Then put all this aside. Now let’s get you designing. As a designer, I create a moo


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