Let’s practice our Three-Step!

Every day is a good day to re-up our commitment to enrolling new partners in our work! The good news is that we can hone our own technique, even as we train our Boards and fund development teams so that everyone is engaged in the dance of enrollment! Have you tried to teach The Three-Step? At SEED we love to get Boards and fund development teams dancing, using our SEEDing Financial Stability software with coaching. (Happy to offer you an online demo!) The Three-Step is an easy dance for one and all. It is so simple, you can practice over coffee. Try teaching it to your team. Do a bit of dancing in your conference room together. Then you'll be ready to dance your way into the hearts of future

Will You Join The Dance?

How do you go about enrolling partners in your mission? Enrollment is a craft. It is much like dancing. Anyone can practice, build technique, and develop it into something of an art. How do you engage in this dance of dialogue? Shared enjoyment is your first goal -- both parties being fully authentic and free. As Samuel Beckett once said, “Dance first, think later.” Over time, with practice in this dance, you learn to really tune into the other person’s rhythms and movements. Martha Graham offers helpful inspiration: ”Dancing is about discovery, discovery, discovery.” STRETCH: Let's prepare "to dance" with one person you have in mind to enroll in your vision. Consider someone who can ad


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