Investments of all sizes make a difference and are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. 

Investing in SEED makes communities thrive. 

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The projects you fund can be first to benefit. 

Non-profits often struggle despite their passion, dedication and good will.  

Our visionary investors help leadership teams get the assistance they deserve.


Over the next five years, the SEED Greenhouse will become the go-to destination essential for non-profit success. 

We are seeking investments to develop the  
Greenhouse as an ever-accessible resource for:


(1) leadership training and skill development

(2) organizational sustainability

(3) social impact tracking and growth.

When fully operational, the SEED Greenhouse will be the online destination to grow performance and impacts.  Through diagnostics, step-by-step training videos, online learning communities  and virtual coaching spaces, leadership teams will learn to do what they do best even better, and more affordably than ever before possible. 


The organizations you fund can be first to benefit!



Engage SEED with the organizations of your choice.  Your investment will boost their social impact and SEED will report your ROI over time. 

Invest in the SEED GREENHOUSE and bring our powerful services to the world.

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Building the performance of nonprofit organizations to lead, evaluate and scale social impact. 


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