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Are You Creating a Culture of Philanthropy?

To what extent is your organization maximizing human resources in these three critical 
dimensions of fund development:


  1. Donors (individuals who care),

  2. Funders (foundation, corporate, business and
    government sources), and

  3. Earned Revenue Strategies  (products,
    fee-for service, special events)?


Let’s assume that you have a plan for generating more income from more sources in all three domains.  Do you have a committed team sharing accountability for results?  You know what they say in the corporate sector: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”


Have you devoured this enlightening article from Compass Point and the Haas Jr. Fund, uplifting the value of a Culture of Philanthropy?  The very day it landed in our inbox, we also heard from Lillian Robles, Director of Development at Violence Intervention Program (using our app to get the job done).  Lillian wrote to share her recent success in shifting the culture of her organization.  “As a development team of one, wearing the hat of compliance officer, communications manager, project manager, grant writer, event planner, community liaison and cultivation manager,” Lillian is thrilled to see more staff aligning program and fund development priorities.  To meet a $3.5M operating budget, you can imagine her appreciation.      


Thus inspired by our peers and client-partners in
the field, our team at SEED developed 
a quick way

to self-assess how well you are utilizing a full range

of roles in fund development.  The new feature
team reflection and elicits ideas for
expanding engagement.  


SEEDing Financial Stability was created because the very best fund development technology is good at tracking what you raise.  But it doesn't guide you to cultivate relationships, expand vision, create earned revenue strategies, nor foster a culture of philanthropy. 


We celebrate the successes of our users and value every input to improve the SEED app and make it widely accessible. 


Schedule a demo.  Connect with our learning community.  Expand and power up your team.   

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