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A gift to SEED IMPACT 
is life–giving.

Our Clients change lives.

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Jayden, Jasmin and Dave Marsh

Mog Obahor’s SEED Team

In the midst of the calls for racial justice and the economic distress caused by the pandemic, I wanted to make a difference. For over five years I have served as a technical consultant to SEED Impact, which works with non-profit organizations across the country to help them achieve their

goals and unlock their potential for growth.

SEED Impact is powering
up leaders with the tools
and coaching they need
to succeed.


I am reaching out to my clients and network relationships to ask you
to join my SEED Team.

My goal is to raise $25,000, which will support up to ten organizations working for change by providing partial funding to work with SEED Impact.

Join my SEED Team and help communities thrive! 




Mog Obahor

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