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  • Melinda Lackey

New Year. New Possibilities. Get On It.

What have you been dreaming lately?

Most of what gets created in our world exists in large part because of vision.

There are unlimited ways to tap the well. It doesn’t matter how. The main thing is to allow ourselves to dream.

One thing we can all do is to make every effort to get folks talking less about what’s wrong and more about what’s possible.

What is our dream? What is the absolute ideal that we could achieve if there were no obstacles in our way?

What if we had excessive resources to launch our big dream? Let’s envision that. (It is crucial to dream beyond our bank account.)

Don’t rush. Big dreams need time to percolate. When efficiency is our goal we tend to recreate what we already know.

The promises of fruitful visioning are new projects, products, relationships and systems, beyond what already exist.

Be careful about language, too. Since we use words to define what we know, it is important to delay wordsmithing. How long can you tolerate the discomfort of not knowing? Dream longer.

Invite questions, messiness, confusion. Listen for what is trying to emerge. Try to get a feeling for it. Facts later.

When we have succeeded beyond our wildest dreams, what exists because of us?

What are we uniquely positioned to achieve together—that matters deeply to us—that would not exist if not for our collaboration?

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