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Communicate Results

Let Your Light Shine: 

Impact Story Mapping

HOW IT WORKS: Impact Story-Mapping provides a framework for creating impact stories to feature your best practices and hard data, share learning and takeaway messages, and immerse readers in your work—with its challenges and successes. Teams have used the process:


  • To distill key values and strategies learned through experience

  • To better understand and communicate unique strengths

  • To streamline work by focusing on strengths and letting go in other areas

  • To be ever-more intentional and focused

  • To build momentum with current partners

  • To make visible the power of relationships

  • To attract and inspire investors and sponsors 

  • To motivate investors to deeper levels of leadership.


SEEDing Social Impact (SSI) is a user-friendly, cloud-based application that enables your team to measure social impact. Explore possibilities.


to explore these possibilities

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