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Plan for Sustainability

Chart Your Course and Achieve Your Goals:

 SEED Planning  

HOW IT WORKS: SEED Planning is a time-saving alternative to traditional strategic planning. We begin by engaging your leadership team to take stock of current and desired outcomes with individual, organization and systemic change targets. We also assess internal capacity. With baseline data established, teams are then guided to create dynamic blueprints for advancing what is most essential. Short term work plans are rooted in your organization's strengths and tied to your long-term vision and enduring values. Specific time-linked benchmarks are defined against which monthly progress can be assessed by the team.


We recommend you start with our Capacity Quiz.




“We now have a clearer understanding of where our skills and abilities meet the unmet need in the community. The strategic plan is so clear, actionable, and relevant… and the fact that our volunteer committee drove the entire process feels like the system was working the way it is supposed to work!"  


-Trinity Boston Foundation Executive Director


"Setting realistic objectives tied to a wish list has given us focus. At the same time SEED’s new practices in developing relationships have been invaluable.“


-Good Old Lower East Side Program Manager

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