Walking the Talk of Our Strategic Plan

Strategic plan development represents a major challenge for many nonprofits. Even in the wake of the best strategic planning processes—where a beautiful plan is produced that appears to place future ideals within grasp—executing the plan can be daunting.


Too many promising plans gather dust on the shelf.


The stories clients tell us fall into a pattern. Some organizations lack structure.  Others lack momentum needed to interrupt the rush of urgent daily priorities that take precedence.


SEED is frequently approached by organizations whose strategic plans have been produced by outside consultants.  We have seen thoughtful plans that represent tremendous heart and commitment, exceeding 100 pages.  In these cases, while the benefit of outside perspectives has been affirming and generated new insights, organizations find it particularly challenging to bring such plans to life. By the time we meet, a feeling of failure has set in.  The whole plan has begun to feel stressful, isolating.




When the doers are insufficiently engaged to craft the plan, they cannot walk the talk. 


But it doesn’t have to end there.  If at first you don’t succeed, try again. 


Here’s a tip: do it yourself.  And utilize a simpler approach that enlists the dreams and visions of your team.  Invite their passion and wisdom –both about the destination and how to get there. 


It is crucial to model team implementation in the planning process itself.  This will practically set your strategic plan in motion, before it is even written down.


In response to the challenges we have witnessed in hundreds of organizations, SEED has created a new cloud-application: SEEDing Strategic Plan Delivery.   Explore here.


Schedule a 30-minute demo.  We can hardly wait for you to see it: 



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About The Authors

Melinda Lackey is co-founder and director of SEED Impact, which to-date has assisted more than 300 diverse non-profit initiatives to communicate and coordinate action more efficiently, sustain higher performance and achieve greater social impact.


Contact Melinda at   possibilities@seedimpact.org

Barry Kibel, Ph.D., is Director of Innovation and Research at SEED.  He contributes more than five decades of experience devising evaluation and planning instruments to support transformational work.

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