How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?

February 1, 2016

How well are you hanging in with those new year’s resolutions? Have you established your practice, practice, practice? 


Think about it. When and how have you carried out a new year’s resolution?  It’s easy enough to identify a wish and declare it. Whether your intention is to lose weight, exercise more, eat better, or collaborate to influence social change, the key is to embody the vision in three domains of your being: 










2)HEART, and














“HEAD” is to declare the intention. In this domain your dream is an intellectual occupation.  Your brain is forming a picture of the change you want. Logic is at work, as you piece together in your mind how you will get there, by when, and with whom.  Crucial stuff.  But we can’t get to Carnegie Hall in our heads.   


“HEART” is where emotions must come into play.  What will it feel like when the intention is fully realized?  Invite that feeling now. Become the possibilities as though they already exist.  Notice how different it feels. How might you trigger the particular feeling of this goal achieved again and again? Make it a new habit, and may the force be with you.


“BODY” is your best teacher—the embodiment of your resolution. When you change the position of your body, everything changes. Ever notice that?  A good question to spur implementation in this area is to ask:  How can I walk this talk, consistently?  


Why aren’t most resolutions realized?  They are carried in one domain without attention to the other two.  Once change is in your body, heart and head, it sticks.


Play with the aspects that are most foreign to you.  Practice on a personal goal, and we especially want you to apply this in your leadership team, to realize common goals. The SEED team welcomes your stories and feedback:



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Melinda Lackey is co-founder and director of SEED Impact, which to-date has assisted more than 300 diverse non-profit initiatives to communicate and coordinate action more efficiently, sustain higher performance and achieve greater social impact.


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Barry Kibel, Ph.D., is Director of Innovation and Research at SEED.  He contributes more than five decades of experience devising evaluation and planning instruments to support transformational work.

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