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Non-profit leaders work double time to carry out their mission
and secure funding to enable service delivery at low or no cost.


This means they need to be expert at delivering specialized services, 
and expert at making their organizations sustainable. 

When it comes to fund development, leaders tell us they need:


Nudging To Think Big

A. Nudging to think BIG 

More Time

B. Time

More People Engaging More Networks

C. More people engaging more networks  

SEEDing Financial Stability™ is a coach-in-the cloud that meets these needs with guidance for: 




Many organizations want access to this technology.
We are looking for sponsors to make it happen. 

“This is a long–needed complement to the CRM’s that just manage content. This guides boards and development teams to develop a web of relationships and fundraise smarter!” 


Cofounder, Partner and Lead Fundraising Counsel 
of Take Two

"For a start-up, the SEED Impact technology is crucial. It gets you on the right track to be strategic, build relationships, and stay on top of things.”


Founder and Director of The Alex House Project

Users say they've never been clearer about:

where they are,

where they want to be, and

next priorities to cultivate each donor, funder, and earned revenue prospect.

As a sponsor you will be featured on SEED's website. Brief quarterly reports will keep you abreast of each organization's success.

Organization Success
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