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Baseline Capacity Data:

These results of your Capacity Quiz are just your Phase 1 report. 


To recieve Phase 2 and capture baseline data, each team member must click the link below and take a 15-minute survey:


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Opportunities at a Glance – December 2014

SEEDing Sustainability Results


Your organization's "Capacity Quiz" revealed three areas most in need of capacity building:


What do you see as the value of your team's  self-assessment ?  We hope you can take three minutes to share quick feedback. 



Based on your team’s ratings, SEED recommends creative attention to stretch your performance in these two domains:


Our team’s ability to embody our values in everything we do; to utilize the unique talents of each contributor; to function with clarity and accountability regarding our roles and responsibilities; to activate and retain volunteers; to engage the wisdom, wealth, and work of our board and advisors, and to establish win-win partnerships.


Our team’s ability to offer products in response to changing market factors; to infuse our specific signature into everything we do; to monetize our offerings to generate earned revenues; to produce clear and compelling messages and marketing, to report back the social return on investments to donors and funders, and to use technology for all it’s worth.


Team Self-Assessment Commentary

Why These Areas Need Attention
• We need to do a better job of developing plans and executing on them. We have inherited a situation where the current program doesn’t have much support and there doesn't seem to be too much funder appetite for investing in what we do.  We need to develop ideas, plans, and programs, test the investment environment, and implement.
• More planning will help us with the implementation process, We are currently working on developing new resources (e.g., partnerships or volunteer work).
• Over the past few years there have been struggles with fund raising, and without sufficient funds, programs are difficult to run and staff difficult to attain. The infrastructure became an issue as a result of poor resource development. In the way of a chain reaction, one weakness in the chain leads to other areas of the chain being weak.
• We are still in the formative stages of establishing the financial, operational, human and technical resources needed for our next phase. 
Why These Areas Are Strengths
• Our ED is more than capable of leading us during the development and implementation of new projects; maybe as we grow we will need more training
• We are a small organization with a committed board of directors. Beyond being committed they are currently led by a very capable board president and our board treasurer is highly engaged in the financial management of the organization with a sound background in professional accounting

SEED offers practices that your team can explore for each of the themes below.  As you deepen each practice, more advanced tools and exercises are offered.    


Capacity-building themes for PEOPLE:  

• Strategic Focus

• Engagement

• Relating

• Excitement

• Presence


Capacity-building themes for PRODUCT:

• Value Added

• Secret Sauce

• Excitement

• Social Impact

• Development


Learn more about these opportunities.

• Planning & Implementation

• Resource Development

• Infrastructure

Your team members explained their ratings below.  


As a next step, we urge your team to participate in a more fine-tuned assessment.  This will capture baseline data against which to measure and report your increased capacity over time.  Click HERE. The assessment will take you about 15 minutes to complete.     


To explore further possibilities, contact us by email at

Learn more about SEED Diagnostics. 

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