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Self Care Isn't One Size Fits All

Youth Perspective

Phoenix Medley

In recent years, self-care has blown up on social media, and there have been plenty of benefits. However, like most trends on the internet, there have also been downsides. Instead of self-care being something unique and specific to each person, people have felt pressured to participate in the #selfcare trend in only a few select ways. Rather than showing what self-care is—a rejuvenative process focused on the individual—the trend has been towards making it a competition to see who is the “best” at self-care.


For over 15 years, SEED Impact has trained leadership teams to vision, collaborate and evaluate in ways that save time and turn their possibilities into success.

Making nonprofit  results visible 

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“SEED helped us
quantify the social – emotional growth of youth in our programs and compare the
impact of different interventions. All this while simplifying data collection and reporting!”

—  Trinity Boston Connects


“Working with SEED, we are gaining more clarity, openness and ownership of our shared goals. We are also gaining tools to help us effectively address areas which we’d like to improve in the future.”

—  American Rivers,
California Region


"I am amazed by the reports you guys at SEED produce. The graphics, language and how you combine it all crazy! We should easily be able to get one million dollars from a donor now! (I'm serious.) I am definitely sharing with the board at this month's meeting."

—  Samora Coles,
Founder and Executive Director,
The Alex House Project


“I love the SEEDing Social Impact software! It makes it easy for us to track and report our results.”

—  Yaridania Betancourt, 
Program Coordinator/ Permanency Guide, You Gotta Believe, Inc.

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