Achieving High Performance Requires
Equal Attention to: 


SEED's theory of change links organizational sustainability and
shared leadership across 14 themes to the following capacities:

Your team’s ability to embody your values in everything you do; to utilize the unique talents of each contributor; to function with clarity and accountability regarding your roles and responsibilities; to activate and retain volunteers; to engage the wisdom, wealth, and work of your board and advisors; to establish win-win partnerships, and excite others to connect with your cause.


Your team’s ability to offer products in response to changing market factors; to infuse your specific signature into everything you do; to monetize your offerings and generate earned revenues; to produce clear and compelling messages and marketing; to report back the social return on investments to donors and funders, and to use technology for all it's worth. 
Your ability as a team, to sustain a life-giving culture for creativity, collaboration, mutual trust and supportive learning; to engage in cycles of reflection, visioning, budgeting, planning and story-sharing; to stay on track to meet your goals; to evaluate and make visible your performance;  to function as effective ambassadors attracting funding and other resources, and to creatively consider new revenue streams.
Your team’s ability to articulate a compelling long-term vision for success; to imagine what more is possible with new partners, technologies, and approaches; to develop the teamwork and infrastructure needed to realize your big dreams; and to draw inspiration from other models and fields. 



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