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The Alex House Project Tesmony

CLIENT VIDEO: The Alex House Project

Since SEED Impact's inception, we’ve been privileged to learn closely with more than 300 non-profit initiatives of widely diverse missions.  At the outset, most articulate three types of pain: 
1) funding constraints,
2) limited staff power, and
3) not enough hours in the day.

What do you imagine we have found to be the surest, swiftest pathway to transforming this pain into more inspired performance?  You might be surprised: 
1. Better communication in teamwork, and
2. Ease in reporting life-changing results.

We've found that uplifting shared leadership in all your work, from visioning to assessment, translates to strategic learning.
Your organization will readily learn to move together as one and achieve better results with less effort.

Working with SEED Impact, you will find it easy to measure and reveal transformative outcomes. 
Over 15 years, SEED Impact has refined practices that unleash tremendous resources that organizations already possess. 
•  Expand shared leadership
•  Draw out and animate what is 
    most essential to the mission
•  Bring strategic plans to life
•  Report increased impacts on
    and systems
•  Deliver annual gains of 20% across
    critical performance measures
Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.  Many clients tell us how satisfying it is to get more people engaged, to really co-own the vision and execution, instead of having one or two people call the shots and delegate. They tell us that their leadership teams have coalesced, their meetings are more efficient, productive and joyful, and they are able to address issues that were blocking their progress for years.
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