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The SEED Fund

Converting Passion Into Lasting Impact


Investing in SEED Impact 
makes communities thrive. 

Right now people determined to better their communities lead 1.2 million U.S. nonprofits with operating budgets below one million dollars.


Nonprofit leaders make enormous sacrifices. They demonstrate tremendous drive, but many lack tools and know-how to apply their passion, track results, and realize
sustainable change.

Enter SEED Impact.  ​ 

We identify exceptional, under-resourced nonprofits and equip them to achieve the outcomes they seek, collaborate more effectively, and unlock their potential for growth.


Our tech and touch approach to develop leadership, strengthen partnerships, measure and accelerate impact, dream bigger and plan smarter turns passion into performance and has few peers.

Invest in SEEDing Stronger Together to maximize social impact

  • Seed the growth of creative partnerships impacting millions of lives

  • Enjoy dynamic reports and understand the value of your ​charitable investments

  • Enhance SEED’s 15-year successful track record


How Far-Reaching Will a SEED Investment Be?

SEED has served 300 nonprofitsimpacting more than 100,000 individuals.

You can help renew the vitality and promise of the nonprofit sector to solve the pressing social problems of our day.
What will an investment
SEEDing Stronger Together do? 
It will impact many missions at once, transforming the way select organizations: 
SEED Ennoble
SEED Ennoble
SEED Ennoble
SEED Ennoble
achieve financial stability
increase shared leadership
measure, report and scale their progress
transform daily operations for high impact
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