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How is SEED Different?

The motivation is to


The focus is on pre-established FUTURE TARGETS 

Accountability is about STAYING ON TASK

GETTING BY, going this way and that

The motivation is to  TRANSFORM 

Accountability is rooted in REFLECTIVE PRACTICE 

The motivation is to


Accountability is tied to a PLAN ON PAPER that is  quickly outdated

The focus is on


Modeling the vision in MULTIPLE INTENTIONS 

Aiming for an


Change agents remain stuck in RESTRICTING SILOS 

The focus is on short term  PROBLEM-SOLVING

Change agents ATTEMPT TO MAXIMIZE within their restricting silos 

Change agents BUST OUT OF SILOS to realize a shared vision 

SEED builds shared leadership to close the gaps between vision and results.  

“The future is something we build in the present."

- Paulo Freire

How is SEED Different? Why Hunger Response

When asked:  “How is SEED Different?" our client partners say:


"In contrast to other experiences, SEED emphasizes a process and a plan that is streamlined and helps you quickly get to a place where you can be in action. SEED also incorporates capacity building where needed to help each staff person reach their full potential as a facilitator and participant.”

"In the past, when we have done a strategic plan, an outside consultant did it and gave it to us. It was very much a reiteration of things we already knew about ourselves. It was more for the funder to see that we had a strategic plan than a tool that was useful to us. In contrast, with SEED we have become accountable to structures that transcend what our funders ask for. The SEED process empowered us to develop what BOC actually needs. SEED employs a real coaching model (as opposed to setting out the 'right way' to do things) while inspiring and giving us a structure to hear each other and build a shared vision and take that to actionable steps. We take the structure seriously; it keeps us on track and creative, connects us, and assures accountability."

How is SEED Different? BOCNET Response
How is SEED Different? VIP Mujeres Response

"SEED elicits every voice. This is very different than the typical approach where an outside 'expert' tells us what we need to do and the strategic plan then sits on the shelf.  With VIP, SEED included different departments to exchange best practices and coordinate efforts. SEED did not impose solutions for our team, but instead guided us to learn to identify new opportunities, plan in new ways, and really make change."

"SEED approach is different in that there is more personalized attention to creatively focus on whatever specific challenges arise. Although this may occur to some degree with other technical assistance, I appreciate SEED's unique way of instilling unity, commitment, consistency and cohesiveness across our multiple programs and locations. It is powerful for us to have a shared vision, clear goals and most importantly, new practices for how we set and meet our goals as a team."

How is SEED Different? Riis Settlement Response
How is SEED Different? Urban Justice Center Response


"The level of investment, commitment and care exhibited by SEED was unlike any other assistance we have received."

"One thing that is different relates to the root of education, which is educare, which means 'to draw out.' What's different is that SEED assumes we already have it within."


How is SEED Different? YWCHAC Response
How is SEED Different? GOLES Response

"What I like about SEED's approach is that the questions make us look beyond what we already see, and the process allows us to think and imagine, without assuming what we're thinking or trying to say. SEED asks questions rather than telling us what we should think or what we 'really mean.'  SEED listens. So I get in touch with what I know deep down, and I discover new things, which I normally don't have time to do. SEED inspires me to work even better."

SEED provides support that helps organizations communicate better, evaluate impact and understand how leaders create obstacles and opportunities. This valuable approach allows for more effective teams and allows organizations to make decisions on work that will yield the most results."


How is SEED Different? FPWA Response

We have worked with many other strategic planning and TA providers and found a consistent disappointment to be that they approached their work very cookie-cutter style. They had a general framework and looked to fit our work into their process. We found it to be like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Working with SEED is just the opposite. SEED shapes and constantly adjusts its approach to elicit the assets that are already present. SEED guides us to expand what we do best. Other models produced less creative ideas from the team. They also did not provide the ongoing structure needed to ensure that the plan was kept alive to achieve effective implementation."

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