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A model foster care agency works diligently to find forever families for one youth at a time - nobody is better at finding families for older youth.

By using SEED technology for strategic planning and impact measurement, staff discover they can reach exponentially more children by working smarter, not harder. And with SEED’s fund development technology, they create a new earned revenue model.

Dissatisfied with the number of young people still needing homes, staff continuously pledges to work harder. They already work 12-hour days, and even foster or adopt children of their own.

Now six foster care agencies are contracting with our model agency for training to achieve similar results. Added income has enabled the hiring of additional staff and the agency’s permanent placements are rapidly doubled.


A non-profit founder is committed to supporting low-income parents to bring their families out of poverty. She establishes partnerships with volunteer teachers and donated space and successfully launches a range of GED and workforce preparation programs.

And yet, she has no budget, no paid staff and limited confidence in her ability to establish sustainable operations for her programs.  Fortunately, a foundation sponsors six months of strategic coaching with SEED. This coaching gives her the opportunity to try out new skills, build confidence and step into her full potential.

Three short years later, her organization has connected more than 500 people with job opportunities, graduated more than 50 adult learners with GEDs, helped more than 700 parents prepare resumes and improve their interview skills, and annually places more than 20 single mothers in jobs that provide for their families. As of 2016, her organization has grown into a $2M annual operating budget.

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