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  • Melinda Lackey

Putting the Coach in the Cloud for Organizations to Soar

Why do you work so hard?

For many in the nonprofit sector, the answer is easy—we are deeply inspired by our clients and mission.

SEED exists to make it easier for nonprofit, coalition and congregation leaders to succeed. We want to see them soar and fully realize their big dreams for a better world.

Through decades of experience launching, leading, evaluating and coaching nonprofit initiatives of all sizes and missions, our team at SEED has learned this:

All most organizations really need (and appreciate) is a touchpoint of skillful strategic coaching to do better what they already do best.

Working closely over the past 14 years with more than 200 organizations in a hands-on, strategic coaching role has taught our team at SEED a lot about the challenges and untapped potential out there. Through daily practice we have discerned precisely the form and level of coaching that consistently unleashes latent resources. Now our task is to replicate that coaching model in the cloud.

SEEDing Social Change, SEEDing Strategic Plan Delivery and SEEDing Financial Stability are examples.

We are very excited about the value-add of these low cost apps. They are the best response we can offer to address the lack of capacity for evaluation, unsustainable operations, limited time for story-telling, and puzzle of how to credibly measure, convey—and inspire—life-changing results.

Why bring coaching to the cloud? Because it can be done. And done well. Particularly when you digitize a method that works. When you integrate questions that elicit more than numbers; questions that bring to light the vision and passion behind hard data.

In the cloud, coaching can reach many more who are ready for it.

The image of nonprofits engaging diverse talents, partnering across sectors, fully utilizing their teams, communicating social impact to their investors, efficiently coordinating day-to-day operations in alignment with shared vision, seeing systems change within and beyond their organizations.

Doesn’t this make everyone impatient for each new day to start?

We envision these long-needed resources becoming accessible and foundational to the sector.

Want to have a look? Click to schedule a demo.

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