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  • Melinda Lackey


Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Frontline nonprofits are extraordinarily busy now, but also more reflective than usual in the creative mess of things.

The reflective boost is conducive to rich evaluation.

We are thrilled about Theory of Change on Its Feet™

Our first users rave!

All-in-one visioning, goal-setting and outcomes measurement. Can you imagine?

The customizable framework holds infinite complexity and makes your life so simple.

First Testimonials:

THE ALEX HOUSE PROJECT — Peer-led training for young parents to access higher education and employment.

"This is like our report card. It’s how we know we’re serving the right people, with the right staff, and developing leaders. It tells us what needs attention and what’s working beyond our dreams. It also makes it really easy to explain our vision to others; everyone can be clear about the levels of change we want our moms and dads to progressively achieve, and everyone can help us get there. This really works for our team."

TRINITY BOSTON CONNECTS – YOGA AND MINDFULNESS PROGRAM — Training people of color to offer yoga for young people in prison.

"We know the incredible impact yoga can have on the youth we serve, but before SEED Impact, we only had anecdotal evidence. The SEED team has worked patiently and collaboratively to tailor their tools to our program and  population. We now have data that speaks to the growth of both the youth served and our program's expansion since inception. We've been able to leverage this data in conversations with funders, board members, and other supporters. We couldn't be more grateful for SEED's support in helping us lay the foundation that will take our growth to the next level."

BECAUSE JUSTICE MATTERS — Building pathways to brighter futures for women and girls in urban communities.

"The SEED tools translate our vision and program plans to outcomes. Our team can stay focused on what they know best, and SEED takes their good work and reframes it for investors. SEED makes this translation accessible, relatable, and replicable for our team. We’re guided to track alumni, see where life has taken them and continue to engage them in our work. It’s so helpful to see the percentages of women and girls achieving specific outcomes in their lives. Having our outcomes portrayed helps us better understand the story. It helps us both celebrate and share results with donors and partners."


It is an absolute joy to serve organizations like these, whose amazing, community-serving work inspires ours. 

We are delighted to provide dynamic reports, tied to their brand, targeting their key audiences.

Invariably, SEED Impact reports attract resources for organizations to do more of what they do best!

Are you looking for the easiest way imaginable to clarify your vision, tally results and credibly report life-changing results to Wow! your supporters?


Melinda Lackey is Co-founder and Director of SEED Impact, which has assisted more than 250 diverse nonprofit initiatives to communicate and coordinate action more efficiently, sustain higher performance and achieve greater social impact.

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