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• Robin Adams
• Antoinette Sumter-Cotman
• Dianne Mack 

• Denise Royal
• Munteesa Stockhausen

• Wayne W. Woodburn

Meet the leaders
behind SPIN!

SPIN is a network of parents, child welfare advocates and providers with a mission to significantly increase the supply and retention of caring, safe and well-trained families who are highly-qualified and competent to care for children in need.

SPIN promotes supportive practices that nurture individuals who choose to parent vulnerable children and youth who have been abused or neglected. 

SPIN's intent is to influence policy and practice that sustains parents and secures lasting homes for children and youth. 



1)  Curriculum Development: SPIN is compiling research and existing resources to refine the best possible curriculum. We are developing training materials initially through feedback from enhanced orientations, then enhanced MAPPs.  SPIN trains parents and professionals to co-lead trainings and collect feedback.  Data collection and lessons learned inform refinements to the curriculum.  Over time, SPIN will train more parent-professional leadership teams, and distribute uniform, comprehensive, interactive and engaging training tools.   


2) Partnership-Building:  SPIN works closely with community organizations, through supportive networks, and within the New York City foster care system to highlight options for parents and families, promote reunification and permanency, prevent interaction or placement with child protective services, and .meet specific needs that are not sufficiently supported.  


SPIN is contributing to change foster care in NY into a dynamic resource for parents and the preservation and efficacy of families.

Join us!  Send inquiries to our SPIN Leadership Team.  


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