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SPIN is a network of parents, child welfare advocates and providers with a mission to significantly increase the supply and retention of caring, safe and well-trained families who are highly-qualified and competent to care for children in need.


SPIN promotes supportive practices that nurture individuals who choose to parent vulnerable children and youth who have been abused or neglected. 

Sustainable Parents Institute & Network (SPIN) 


  • Defined direct service approach:  peer and professional training and supports

    • Created pilot training materials and secured contract for a first training

  • Clarified SPIN’s systemic change goals which involve working through ACS to shape best practice locally, and then to pursue national dissemination and integration of training materials that support parents. 

    • Contributed to policy reform as a new member of the ACS workgroup revising the staff training model and manual for training child welfare staff responsible for licensing NYS foster and adoptive parents.  (This is expected to influence how competent foster/adoptive parents are selected for children/youth in care—part of SPIN’s long-term vision.)

  • Established partnership to host community partner network meetings in 2016 

  • Began establishing evidenced-based model:

    • Captured impact and capacity baseline data

    • Created agency best practice survey to be implemented in 2016

    • Developed and utilized before/after feedback forms

    • First Newsletter in development

  • Developed initial branding and SPIN logo

  • Began defining leadership team: board, paid and volunteer staff, SPIN trainers, partners.

SPIN Summary Outcomes Supported by WKKF’s Investment in SEED Capacity-Building

Meet the leaders
behind SPIN!

• Robin Adams
• Antoinette Sumter-Cotman
Dianne Mack 

• Denise Royal
• Munteesa Stockhausen

• Wayne W. Woodburn

OSI Timeline/Tipsheet for Foster Parents

Stationary Designs   by SEED


SEED has provided something that is often unrecognized or undervalued - encouragement. The entire SEED team has been unwavering in their belief about our mission, and helping us accomplish goals.  This has helped me continue to charge forward, to scale down or ramp up projects and ideas, and not give up on the vision.  I continue to grow personally and professionally because of SEED's commitment, coaching and strategic inputs.”


– Dianne Mack, SPIN Catalyst Leader

With thanks to SEED, there is a "road map" leading towards a clear vision and each goal. Activities and progress were charted in a way that encouraged our commitment.”


– Wayne Woodburn, SPIN Catalyst Leader

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