Governance: activities that will enable the board to evolve and grow more strategically, such as developing a recruitment plan and increasing engagement.


Financial Management: activities that will strengthen and professionalize financial systems, such as implementing a new accounting system.


Evaluation and Strategic Learning: activities to reflect on, improve and report effectiveness, such as diagnostic tools, visioning conversations and debriefs.


Planning & Implementation:  activities that align daily execution with vision and establish priorities and streamlined systems to assure that goals are achieved.


Resource Development:  activities that will strengthen and diversify resources, such as developing a fundraising plan and establishing earned revenue mechanisms.


Story-Telling & Promotion: activities that fortify communications to stakeholders, such as creating a communications plan, or delivering dynamic, compelling reports.


Infrastructure: activities that will improve the organization’s ability to carry out its mission, such as improved technologies, increased space, partners, paid staff.


Executive and Shared Leadership Development:  activities that build capacity for leadership transitions, inspire participation and develop leaders and teamwork.


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