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Become more INTENTIONAL and ACCOUNTABLE to each other

Put Your Strategic Plan on Its Feet:


and the Six-Month Stretch

HOW IT WORKS: As teams are formed to execute strategic action plans, a monthly “stretch meeting” is scheduled as a space for participants to reflect as a team, share progress, renew excitement, address obstacles, explore emerging opportunities and assess progress.   


This monthly, structured convening assures that plans are kept alive.


We call it a "stretch meeting," because it carries an intention for the team to continually stretch its performance.  SEED provides facilitation training and an agenda framework to conduct these meetings for maximum efficiency, shared reflection and creativity.


SEED offers monthly, online coaching for one or two participants--catalyst leaders--who lead the stretch in each organization or coalition. Cohort stretch coaching is another option, which develops learning communities across multiple organizations-in-training.


Catalyst leaders rapidly become highly skilled co-facilitators.  They keep their teams on track to realize goals, while building capacity that drives increased impacts. They learn to effectively lead organizational and community change.


Explore our year-long planning and implantation framework. Pick and choose the elements that are right for your team now.  


Short on resources for strategic coaching?  We highly recommend our user-friendly, cloud-based application that enables your team to stay on track as you implement your strategic plans. Explore possibilities.

to explore these possibilities

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