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SEEDing Social Change 

SEEDing Strategic
Plan Delivery

is a cloud-based app that puts the power to get from here to there into your team’s capable hands. 

Does your organization have a strategic plan sitting on the shelf? 

Wish you could give that plan legs and see everyone performing at their best as you advance towards your vision?

Would it also be helpful to understand the value being generated as you increasingly realize more of your organization’s potential?



Regular use of your app supports:  

a practice of shared reflection

staying on track as a team

alignment of daily work with long-term vision

quarterly reporting on deliverables,and 

responsiveness to change.

Start using it today and prepare to celebrate 

meeting your milestones!

What is the cost?

$2,500 first-year subscription

(depending on your needs a set up fee may apply)

How can I see it? 

How do I get started?

Pay in full and get 3 months added to your first year.

Then what happens? 

We will meet online, as needed, to customize your app.   

Then what happens: 

An orientation will get your team up and running with ease.  

What else?  

You will gain ongoing, on-call access to our support team, at no extra cost.  If ever you have worked with SEED, you know we go above and beyond to assure that you build on your strengths and thrive! 

And there’s more….

Are you achieving meaningful impacts and not getting credit for them?

Do you find it hard to communicate the truly life-changing results that your organization is achieving? 

Wish you could quantify the qualitative dimensions of what it takes to make a difference on complex social issues?

SEEDing Social Impact™

is a cloud-based app that translates your results to social impact, SROI (social return on investment) and cost benefit measures. 

SEEDing Social Change  combines both apps

SEEDing Strategic Plan Delivery™

SEEDing Social Impact™

If you need to both implement a strategic plan and measure social impact, this is for YOU.

“SEED’s integrated approach to impact mapping de-mystifies systemic change. We are using it to be more intentional across our whole organization … meeting our goals and being accountable for our results.”

Louise Packard
  Trinity Boston Foundation 


Which of these low cost, super easy, user-friendly applications will meet 
you where are and significantly power up your performance and reports? 

Additional articles & resources

SEEDing Strategic Plan Delivery™          $2,500

(Plus optional:$5,000 for monthly catalyst leader coaching) 

SEEDing Social Impact™                           $3,500

(One-time additional set-up fee may apply)

SEEDing Social Change™                          $6,000

(One-time additional set-up fee may apply)


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