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SEED Score

SEED Score


Ever wish you could actually measure and credibly report your organization's social impact?

Now you can.  


The SEED Score quantifies impact on individuals, organizations and systems, averaging three objective ratings:





Social ROI

SEED Score - Social ROI

The Social ROI assessment allows us to quantify the dollar value of individual lives touched by our work. It delivers social return on inviestment, cost benefit ratio, and tallies social impact relative to the operating budget.

Sample Report

Influencing Peers

Influencing Peer Org Practices quantifies how well we are spreading what we do best through activating other organizations in service to our mission. 

SEED Score - Influencing Peers

Sample Report

Systemic Change

The systemic change assessment quantifies the value of our role in coalitions and advocacy campaigns. It guides us to leverage resources in ways that will extend our impact to benefit exponentially more lives. 

SEED Score - Systemic CHange

Sample Report 


"SEED has been tremendously helpful in getting us to a more sophisticated understanding of the individual, organizational and systemic targets and levels of outcomes we need to be enabling and measuring in order to achieve our mission. Thank you SEED for putting us on this path, for what gets measured ... gets done.." 

~Diggi Thomson, Board President, You Gotta Believe, Inc.


"SEED’s commitment to organizational adaptation and growth thorough assessment is second to none.  The root of education is ‘educare’ which means ‘to draw out.’  What's unique about SEED is they assume we already have it within."      

  -Derrick Weekes, Young Women of Color Health Advocacy Coalition


“Using SEED assessments coalesced our management.  It's not just a meeting of managers anymore. It's a real management team.  Now our outcomes will increase in volume but what's more powerful is that our combined resources are better leveraged."


~Sujatha Sebastian, Business Outreach Center Network

Watch this video to learn more about SEED Diagnostics: 

Using these tools annually
will undoubtedly help attract investors to your work. 

Social ROI               $ 250.00


Systemic Change  $ 250.00


Influencing Peers  $ 250.00



SEED Score


Prefer to to impact-measurement into daily work flow?


Our SEEDing Social Change apps let you do just that!  Check them out.

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