Our Mission
is to make SEED Impact accessible and foundational to the non-profit sector.

Imagine our world when every dedicated, community-serving team can, 
at any time, draw on the very best technical assistance to:

its vision and step into a 
more powerful presence

its work with more of what it does best

more diverse talents and contributions

performance capacity and maximum impact!

Our Vision 

A world saturated with increasingly innovative and high-performing community-serving organizations. 

Our Story

We launched our work in 2002, motivated by the incredible passion and commitment of non-profit leaders. 


We realized it’s just this simple: 

To make the world a better place, we must power up the community-serving organizations that are uniquely positioned to uplift their communities. 
Nobody does it better than these dedicated, hard-working but under-resourced organizations.

One of our founders, Melinda Lackey, had co-founded two successful non-profits prior to SEED Impact. She helped expand a group of six women living with HIV to a network of 600 women doctors, lawyers, service providers, students and caregivers. As a founding director over 15-years she had personally benefited from a lot of technical assistance. She had a good sense of what was helpful to non-profit leaders and what was missing that they really needed.

If you answer “Yes!” to even three of the questions below, then you are part of our story at SEED Impact.

Are you hungry to go beyond what you already know how to do?

Have you ever wished for a road map to chart your course from what is to what can be?

Are you challenged to access financial supports?

Would targeted, strategic input be useful, from people who have been there?

Do you lack for time to make your results visible?

Have you longed to connect with others on similar journeys? 

Have you found a social problem (or has one found you) that consumes your physical, mental, spiritual and creative energies?

Would it make a difference to feel witnessed and affirm your strengths? 

We’ve been there; we’ve answered “Yes!” to these questions, and we are humbled and inspired by the ways you live in service to people and needs much greater than your own.  


Were it possible to place a mirror on this page of our website, we would.  We are writing our story at SEED Impact together—targeting our big dreams, celebrating our connections, and powering up our teams to grow social impact.


Join SEED Impact in building the performance of nonprofit organizations
to lead, evaluate and scale social impact. 


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