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Do you need more leaders focused on your capacity-building goals?  


Want to clarify your organization’s strengths and growth opportunities?


If so, seize the day!


SEEDing Sustainability™ will guide your organization to align your capacity-building goals with your institutional sustainability strategy.


The two-part process is super-efficient:  Participants take a five-minute quiz, via computer or handheld device. SEED provides an insight-packed report for your team to discuss. Then a 15-20 minute survey goes deeper to establish fine-tuned ratings.

What is the value?


1. Pinpoint where creative attention can unleash the most latent potential. 


2. Establish a baseline against which to gauge internal growth and sustainability over time. 

What else will my organization gain from this?

  • Clarity about strenghths, resources and growth opportunities


  • Bigger picture perspective


  • More people focused on capacity-building goals and tracking progress to raise performance


  • Ease of achieving more with less effort


  • Greater accountability as a team


  • Ability to quantify the soft side of your work that we all know matters


  • Data to produce compelling reports and proposals for targeted technical assistance. 

Use SEEDing Sustainability™ annually to inform capacity-building and leverage minimal resources for maximum return on investment (ROI).


We do not know of another approach that so finely and efficiently pinpoints growth opportunities to achieve sustainability. 

Sample Reports for Organizations

Sample Report for Investors

Explore SEED Client Feedback
and Learnings

8 Assessment Items
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How well are you performing in relation to industry standards? Where should attention be focused to unleash capacity and resources you already possess? 

Find out what your entire team perceives are your best assets and areas ripe for growth, in a simple two-step process.  

SEEDing Capacity Quiz                                          $200

Deeper Dive Assessment                                     $200

SEEDing Sustainability™                                      $400 


(Plus additional optional coaching consultations to maximize findings)           

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