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 Is the never-ending challenge of fund development wearing you down? 

Choose SEEDing Financial Stability
to overcome your overwhelm

Roll your cursor over each image. 

What about fund development makes you feel stress?

SEEDing Financial Stability
is designed to relieve your pain and so much more. 

Users appreciate gaining:  

  • a confident fund development team with strategic know-how 

  • ever-widening networks of support 

  • relationships extended beyond the founder/director

  • a stronger culture of philanthropy across a more sustainable organization.


How Do We Compare?

SEEDing Financial Stability (powered by Inuit QuickBase) has all the functionality you want in a fund development CRM:​

  • virtually no start-up time

  • gentle learning curve

  • intuitive design

  • user-friendly record management

  • easy data entry

  • real-time performance dashboard

  • built-in and customizable, one-click easy reports

  • simple interface with Excel for uploads and downloads

  • daily database backups

  • responsive support team with decades of nonprofit experience

SEEDing Financial Stability



Compare us with your current ​system:

Visioning exercises that guide goal-setting 

Tools to support team reflection

Strategic data for each donor and funder at your fingertips

Real-time tracking of income against targets for the year

Exercises that elicit creative cultivation ideas

Email reminders to support follow through 

Constant, easy access to status reports

Affordable coaching and training to power up confidence. 

Your Current  System?


We don't know of another tool that guides your team to:

  • One-year subscription:   $1,500

  • Add monthly coaching and supports for your team, only $3,500 for 12 months.

  • Total package $5,000  

Pay $5k in advance to get three months added to your subscription at no extra cost. 

 Would you consider                                                       

You will be making a transformational difference for a promising enterprise. 

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