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What is it about what we do and how we do it that sets us apart from those doing similar work?

How do we know that we are doing good work? What are our standards for high performance?

What are we doing that gets the most powerful, standout results?

How do we embody  our secret sauce?  How is it felt, expressed and understood without words?

SEED’s highest-performing client-partners are crystal clear about
what they do best. 


What are the vital ingredients in your organization’s

recipe for success?


Typically, your secret sauce is a rich expression of your

shared values, authenticity and confidence.  Based on your

core competencies and your team “personality” it is your

distinctive signature, as an organization.


In the same way that a master chef draws crowds with a crazy-good spice that puts his chicken mole sauce over-the-top, nonprofit leadership teams can really soar with their strengths when they understand and lean into more of what they do best.


How does your team tease this out?  We invite your team to
reflect together:

Boil it down together.  Extract the essence.  Then make sure to infuse it in every marketing missive, every verbal and written communication, every strategy and tactic you develop.  Apply it to your doing and being.  Feature it in your stories and constantly offer it like tasty appetizers to captivate people to your cause.


Secret Sauce is front and center in SEEDing Strategic Plan Delivery – the SEED app that guides teams to bring strategic plans to life.  Schedule a demo: We can hardly wait to celebrate what you do best!

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