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  • Melinda Lackey

How Are You Watering Your Own Garden?

You excel at caring for others. How well are you caring for yourself? Perhaps this gardening blog speaks to you:

“If established plants are left without water for a period of time it inhibits the plants’ growth and makes them more to susceptible to health issues such as disease. Keeping the garden well watered is key to the success of all the plants that are in it.”

What gets in the way of watering your own garden? Not enough hours in the day? Too many things competing for your attention? Do you know you deserve it?

Let’s see what David Domoney, an actual gardener suggests:

Self Care: Tips for Keeping YOUR Garden Watered

  1. Keep Watch. Look out for signs of dryness and wilting.

  2. Break the Soil. Soil can develop a hard crust if it gets too dry, meaning that water will just run off the surface.

  3. Soak Away. Give [yourself] a thorough soaking … deep into the soil; this encourages deeper roots.

  4. Install Irrigation. Set up a system; connect it to a timer to keep constantly watered.

Keep Watch Break the Soil Soak Away Install Irrigation

The best time to water is first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

How are you tending to yourself?

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