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A Team that Reflects Together … Rocks

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Event season is a fine time to integrate the practice of shared reflection.  When there is a lot of activity and active engagement
of many contributors, this is a prime
opportunity to expand and
strengthen your team.


What better way to
fortify an experience of
powerful teamwork and
commitment to the cause
than a quick session to
debrief your recent event. 
As our friends Joel and
Michelle Levey have said: 


  “Our capacity to thrive in an increasingly complex world

  is directly related to expanding our capacity to ‘source’

  a deeper wisdom and collective field of intelligence.”


 This much we know:


  • Your team possesses all the wisdom needed to achieve your goals, and

  • You won’t elicit that wisdom unless
    you invite it.


For a quick debrief, before you do anything
else, please 
CELEBRATE.  As part of your team
celebration, make a list together of everything
that went well and every positive gain!

Be sure to also tease out your process outcomes.
Ask yourselves:  "What are we gaining that will
make us more effective as a team?" Write it down. 


Then make a list of what can work better.

You don't need much time for this dialogue. The knowledge is fresh, so just quickly capture it on paper.


Shared reflection is a powerful tool. The more you elicit others' ideas, the more shared ownership you will build.  Folks will be delighted to acknowledge what went well and empowered to bring more of the team's collective potential to life in the future.

Consider closing with an appreciation exercise. One way to do this is to draw names and invite each person, in turn, to share "one thing I especially appreciate that [YOU] contributed to our event."   


Share what works.  We are delighted to celebrate and learn with you!

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