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What Did You Do on Your Summer Vacation?

ToM September Boat

Duke University basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski has said:

Mike Krzyzewski

“Two are better than one if two act as one.”

ToM September Boat



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SEED Ennoble


Diverse Team
SEED Library Check-In


Teams work better when they share a vision of what success looks like, and when they also agree on their strategies and goals to get there.


Almost anything is possible when we’re reaching beyond our selfish desires, united in work intended to benefit the
greater good.


So how do we make that happen?


The foundation for teamwork is human connection. 


We can establish and deepen human connection at the start of each and every meeting, with a simple device called







Explore this magical meeting device. 


We promise you will find it to be a tremendous time-saver. 


How does it save time?


Have you ever worked in an organization where the focus was all business?  Have you ever felt like a robot, laboring to complete assigned tasks, in a lifeless work environment where nobody really knows who you are, and all the work is “urgent?”


If so, then you know firsthand that the more we busy ourselves with the drudgery of work, the less we accomplish.


Have you ever experienced the opposite of a lifeless, joyless work culture? 


If so, then you know what it’s like to be part of a team in which everyone matters;  people share each other’s motivations and carry a sense of common experience; coworkers bring out the best in each other; diverse viewpoints are elicited; new ideas, risk and playful experimentation are encouraged, and there’s a level of skilled vulnerability that makes it possible for people to actually know each other. 











In which environment are you more productive? Unburdened? Creative? Joyful?


Practice checking in.  Make it the norm—start every meeting to build connection.


The facilitator calls the shots by defining a meaningful question, and by establishing a time limit.  (Check-in can be limited to 5-seconds, 30-seconds, or 2-minutes each—to support the meeting objectives.)


Visit the SEED Library for Check-in Question ideas.  Or start with the title of this Tip.


Share what works.  We’ll be happy to add your questions to the library!

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