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Vision-Infused Planning


SEED Stretch
Vision-Infused Planning

You’ve done a great job engaging a diverse team to articulate what success looks like in the future.  Is the team excited?  Can everyone talk about what you intend to create and who benefits?  Have you elicited inputs from all who may have interest to expand the vision and invest in its potential?  Does your vision utilize a lot of what you do uniquely well, and other good things that already exist in the world, that you will make even better?  If so, you’re ready to create a work plan that will guide the team to draw on the vision for continual inspiration. 


Too often there is a tendency to develop an inspired vision and then put it aside for periodic reference. Or you may forget the vision entirely in the nitty-gritty of planning. This makes visioning akin to stretching a rubber band to its full kinetic potential and then releasing it and losing its potency.  Here’s an approach that instead draws continually on the power of your vision.

What Does Success Look Like Chart

“Fully Realized” 
is your end game. What will success look like?  List the most exciting, impactful outcomes. (We urge that you contain your projections within five years, since much will change by then.)

refers to the seeds that are already taking root. List the foundational results that must first be established to communicate and demonstrate more of the vision.

is the stage in which work teams are enthusiastically implementing projects that embrace the spirit of your  vision at its best. List the outcomes you intend to have made visible, when you are about halfway to your big dream.

Stretch your imaginations. 
How do you see your vision  evolving?  Let’s define just three stages.  You can create a simple table and invite the team to fill in the blanks. We recommend starting at the bottom and working your way up to fill in the chart.

What happens to the individuals who will benefit at each stage? Invite your team to ponder this question and add to your chart. You may also want to include new competencies and resources to be acquired for success at each stage. 


It can be helpful to have one or two people develop a first draft of this chart. Then engage others to add and clarify.  Don’t rush.  You will do well to put the document aside for several days, and bring everyone back with fresh eyes to refine it further.


This is a fine piece of work.  We’ll pick up from here next time!

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