Achieving greater Social Impact


How well are you advancing toward the BIG DREAMS for your work? 

We are pleased to introduce an extremely efficient and affordable way to put gas in the tank of organizations committed to achieving greater social impact.  


These super-efficient, online diagnostics reveal rich performance and outcome data, including what your team perceives as your greatest strengths and growth opportunities. Your team will enjoy strategic learning and discover specific practices you can implement to attain higher scores.

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Social ROI

Systemic Change

Influencing Peers

We Culture

SEED Score


Multi–Sector Relations

Fund Diversification



• elicit more of your team’s inherent wisdom,


• clarify strengths and pinpoint specific growth opportunities,  


• quantify results, 


•  experience extra time in the day turning your possibilities into success.



• appreciate seeing dolllars invested for capacity-building translate to greater social value and return on investment, 


• delight in renewing your commitment to increasingly high performing and accountable learning organizations.


SEED's Promise

Our SEED Diagnostics have been refined with inputs of more than 200 non-profit leadership teams. Seeing the value-add compels us to make these lead-edge assessment tools accessible and affordable to the sector. 


Social ROI:                                $ 250.

Systemic Change:                      250.

Influencing Peers:                      250.

We Culture:                                 300.

Fund Diversification:                     50.

Multi-Sector Relations:              300.

SEEDing Sustainability™:          300.

• Deeper Dive                               250.

• SEEDing Capacity Quiz™         50.

SEED Score:                $ 750     $ 600

SEED Score includes:         
Social ROI, Systemic Change
and Influencing Peers.

Purchase ALL and SAVE! 

Total for all seven tools:       $ 1,500


SEEDing Sustainability™ is a two-part self-assessment that pinpoints areas of latent potential, where targeted capacity-building investments will add the most value. 

Prefer to integrate assessment and impact-measurement into daily work flow?


Our SEEDing Social Change™ app lets you do just that!  Check them out.